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LIVE Audio Production

(Events, Festival, Concerts & Album Recording)

Events Take Lots of Planning & Effort. We save You Money on Sound, Stage and Lighting.

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We are a 501(c)(3)2019. ID#833482287 All contributions are tax deductible.
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Affordable Website Design

Finally...a fast, easy and affordable way
to get your small business online.

Everything a small business needs, at a price any small business can afford.

We have support packages that fit any budget!

This is a South Carolina Entertainment & Music Hall of fame non-profit 
organization 501(c)(3)2019.

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We team up with local non-profit organizations to help give back to the community by running deals with local businesses, charity sweepstakes, charity raffles & charity auctions & pledge-a-thon fundraisers. is the best place to find deals, fundraisers, and charities. You can have deals text and emailed to you as well!

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