The South Carolina Entertainment Hall of Fame was established in 1989 while David Godbold was living in the State of Texas. He met a gentleman from Austin who informed on the importance of honoring our Music and Entertainment Celebrities that were from their home states. The Texas Music Office provided the insight to the beginning of the Hall of Fame is South Carolina.

In 1990 Godbold moved back to his home state of South Carolina from Texas and began the research that would lead to a successful Hall of Fame honoring those national celebrities from SC. After preparing the program for presentation to the SC Secretary of State Jim Miles, a date was set and the meeting was held in Columbia SC at the State House. When the presentation was completed, Secretary of State Jim Miles agreed the Hall of Fame for Entertainment and Music would be vital to the State, the office was formed under his direction to officially establish the first Hall of Fame honoring our states Entertainment and Music Celebrities.

David Godbold founded the hall of fame with the help of Secretary of State Jim Miles. Jim Miles named Godbold as the state’s first Entertainment and Music Commissioner. The South Carolina Music and Entertainment Commission was established to promote the entertainment industry in South Carolina. Please note this office was set prior to the entertainment explosion in Myrtle Beach SC. ( Established before the Alabama Theater etc.)

Godbold saw a need for South Carolina to have a presence in the growing entertainment industry and with Jim Miles pledging his support, the stage was set. Jim Miles and David Godbold made numerous national television appearances to induct famous celebrities from South Carolina while promoting SC as an Entertainment Location for theaters as an alternative to Branson Missouri.

South Carolina Entertainment and Music Hall of Fame was the first state selected to have an induction ceremony on National TV. CBS/TNN along with Producer Jim Owens, a major entertainment executive helped Godbold pull of the biggest show in Hall of Fame history. The next big show was the induction of the super group, Marshall Tucker. The event turned into a Southenr Rock reunion that was hosted by Charlie Daniels.

The South Carolina Entertainment Hall of Fame is a non-profit organization developed for the purpose of honoring South Carolina natives and or those with SC connections that have achieved national success. To date 62 music and entertainment celebrities have been inducted into the hall of fame.

Important Note: The hall of fame lost all of its memorabilia in the Georgetown fire years ago and continues to grow and replace articles from many of the inductees. For information, please call 1- 888-411 FAME (3263).